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The Food and Family Program's mission is to build positive connections between food and family life in order to promote healthy eating, preserve family traditions, and build stronger relationships with an emphasis on children and youth. The Food and Family Program takes a strengths-based approach to life's challenges and believes that the most effective programming is built on the assets that each family brings to the table.

The Food and Family Conference
Thursday, September 17 2015

The Family Resiliency Center at the University of Illinois and the Christopher Family Foundation are bringing together the nation's foremost experts in human nutrition, obesity research, and child and family health to the Food and Family Conference. During the conference, you will

  • learn why it's important to connect food and families in positive ways,
  • understand the challenges and solutions to promoting healthy eating,
  • and appreciate the challenges that come from feeding children in multiple settings.

For speaker, schedule, and registration information, click here.

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