The Autism Program

TAP Overview

The Autism Program (TAP) is an academic community partnership that focuses on providing a resource and referral center for parents and professionals; developing and evaluating model programs in training, treatment, and family support; and facilitating collaborations between agencies, schools, and individuals to enhance the community’s capacity and quality of services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families. Free resources available include phone support, resource room, new diagnosis orientation for families, social skills programs, training and technical assistance for professionals, and diagnostics.


Academic partners at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign include the Departments of Human Development and Family Studies, Special Education, Speech and Hearing Science, Psychological Services Center, and the School of Social Work. Community partners include local school districts and the Carle Clinic. The Champaign-Urbana Autism Network, a parent-professional networking group, holds monthly meetings at the Family Resiliency Center.

Program Staff:

  • Aaron Ebata, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky, Assistant Professor, Special Education
  • Jeanne L. Kramer, Program Coordinator
  • Anne Hall, Resource Room Coordinator


The Autism Program is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services with additional support from the Family Resiliency Center. It is administered by the Departments of Human and Community Development and Special Education.


Phone: 217-244-1395