Fathers and Family Mealtimes


Fathers and Family Mealtimes: Identiftying Men's Roles in Increasing Children's Healthy Eating Habits is investigating the relationship between father-child interactions at mealtimes and children’s healthy eating habits.  The Fathers and Family Mealtimes Project will explore the unique roles played by men’s weight-related parenting behaviors during mealtimes, and how such behaviors are related to children’s healthy eating habits during the early childhood years.  This research will also pioneer new insight into the significance of a father’s role on their children’s healthy habits and its potential impact on their risk for obesity over their lifetime.  This research will play a critical role in informing future family-based obesity intervention/prevention programs.

Downloadable Overview

Fathers and Family Mealtimes PDF

Research Team

  • Brent McBride, PhD, Principal Investigator, Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
  • Kelly Bost, PhD, Co-Principal Investigator, Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
  • Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky, MS, Co-Investigator, Associate Professor, Department of Special Education


This project is funded through the Christopher Family Foundation Food and Family Program.

The Food and Family Program is designed to support innovative transdisciplinary research that can unravel the complex connections between the family environment and healthy active lifestyles for all


Dr. Brent McBride
Phone: 217-300-2197
Email: brentmcb@illinois.edu