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Family Mealtimes- Why Do They Matter?


"Childhood Obesity: An inside look at a cells to society approach to research and intervention"

This podcast explores Family Resiliency Center’s STRONG Kids 2 research project and what it could mean for the future of childhood obesity prevention and interventions. Using a cells-to-society approach to nutrition, the STRONG Kids 2 transdisciplinary project will provide unique insights into how individual biology interacts with the family environment to promote healthy eating habits in young children. It is one of the first studies to take a longitudinal look at the habits, including milk and dairy consumption, from birth. To date, many consider the data this research team has collected to be a “gold mine” of health information on the early years of life as it relates to childhood obesity risk factors. (Published October 2018)
Hosted by: Ryann Monahan, Research Communications Specialist 
Featuring: Erin Davis, Graduate Research Assistant, Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Awarded the 2016-2017 Dannon Gut Microbiome, Yogurt, and Probiotics Fellowship Grant 

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Childhood Obesity: A Complex Picture

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Exploring Childhood Obesity with STRONG Kids2

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