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Angela R. Wiley

Associate Professor
Applied Family Studies and Extension Specialist

Human and Community Development
2006 Christopher Hall    M/C 081
904 W. Nevada St
Urbana, IL  61801
Telephone: 217-265-5279 | Fax: 217-333-9061

Dr. Wiley’s research addresses factors related to resilience among diverse families in a variety of contexts and  evaluation of programs designed to support resilience. She works with families to help identify challenges and strengths related to parenting and parent-child relationships. She has a special interest in parenting in immigrant and ethnic minority populations where issues such as parenting acculturation and economic stress are important with a goal of designing  culturally- appropriate and effective psycho-educational materials to increase resilience in parents.

One particular challenge that faces a majority of American families is managing the demands and rewards of working with the demands and rewards of family life. With the assistance of HCD graduate students and University of Illinois Extension staff,  Dr. Wiley has developed a research-based program to help people manage their work and their personal lives called Intentional Harmony: Managing Work and Life.  In contrast to many work-life balance interventions, Intentional Harmony is firmly based in family theory and interdisciplinary research, and it addresses the needs of working individuals systematically across multiple ecological domains.   Dr. Wiley and colleagues currently are engaged in  evaluation of the curriculum.     

Dr. Wiley is the Director of Child Care Resiliency Programs at the Child Care Resource and Referral Service. Some of her recent work includes a community needs assessment of Spanish-speaking families that surveys their child care needs and utilization patterns. She is collaborating with colleagues on the STRONG Kids project to examine family-childcare intersections for preventing obesity among young children.  The Abriendo Caminos community project targets Spanish-speaking families with school-aged children and aims to support healthy lifestyle habits in the areas of eating, physical activity, and family mealtime

Dr. Wiley received a BA in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Miami University, Ohio and an MA and PhD  in Developmental Psychology from Clark University.  She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Illinois in Developmental Psychology.