Family Dinner Campaign Evaluation: Kids Eat It Up


Regular family meal times produce significant benefits for children and their families. Family meals can be also be stressful when siblings fight or parents are burdened by work demands. Mealtime Minutes, public service announcements developed by the FRC in partnership with The Pampered Chef, provide practical solutions to common family mealtime challenges. The goal of this project is to start conversations with parents about strategies for successful family meals by disseminating Mealtime Minutes through traditional media platforms and building a web and social media presence. Additionally, the project will help us understand the role that media has in raising awareness about the benefits of family meal times, as well as facilitating information and sharing strategies to increase and enhance family meal times.

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Research Team


This project is supported by the Christopher Family Foundation Food and Family Program.


John Wirtz
Assistant Professor
Department of Advertising
Phone: 217-333-1602