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Family Dinner Campaign Evaluation: Kids Eat It Up

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Project Overview

Regular family meal times produce significant benefits for the children and families who eat together. Yet, family meals can be also be stressful when siblings fight or parents are burdened by work demands. Mealtime Minutes public service announcements, which were developed by the FRC in partnership with the Pampered Chef, provide real solutions to common family mealtime challenges. The four PSAs help families form effective strategies to address these challenges (picky eating, work-life stress, sibling conflict, and managing strong emotions) and to create quality shared-time together.

The Family Dinner Campaign Evaluation: Kids Eat it Up project will disseminate Mealtime Minutes to parents and build a conversation about sharing tips and strategies for successful family meals. The first part of the project will use public relations strategies and traditional media (i.e., newspapers, television, radio) to raise awareness about the benefits of eating family meals together.

The second part of the project includes establishing a website and social media presence to connect with people who are interested in learning more about the benefits of family meal times. The website will contain practical information about how to increase family meals, and the social media will allow us to connect with families who eat meals together, as well as families who want to increase family meal times.

Research Team

  • Michelle Nelson, Associate Professor and Acting Department Head, Advertising

  • John Wirtz, Assistant Professor, Advertising

Funding Partners

  • Christopher Family Foundation Food and Family program

Contact Information

John Wirtz
Telephone: 217-333-2350



The research project will help us understand the role that media play and could play in raising awareness about the benefits of family meal times. The project will also help us understand the role social media could play facilitating information and sharing strategies to increase and enhance family meal times.