At the Family Resiliency Center at Illinois, we address grand societal challenges associated with food and family. Our transdisciplinary research teams, comprised of investigators from a wide range of disciplines, use innovative methods and approaches to generate research findings that inform public policy and practice.

Research Press Releases

Published in the journal Child Development Perspectives, the paper by Jaclyn Saltzman, along with co-authors Dr. Barbara Fiese, Dr. Kelly Bost, and Dr. Brent McBride, investigates how family processes, interpersonal relationships, and individual behaviors and abilities can promote healthier eating behaviors and weight outcomes. 

Published in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, the paper by Jaclyn Saltzman, along with co-authors Dr. Kelly K. Bost, Dr. Salma Musaad, Dr. Barbara H. Fiese, Dr. Angela R. Wiley, and the STRONG Kids Team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.