Project DINE


Project DINE was an exciting research study that examines some of the benefits of family mealtimes. This project brought together researchers from several departments at the University of Illinois, with a common goal of studying how family mealtimes relate to child and family health and well-being. As part of the study, families participated in a mealtime observation in our state-of-the-art research home on campus. The overall goals of this study are to help identify which aspects of family mealtimes are the most beneficial for child and family health, as well as which aspects promote the well-being of children and families. These research findings were presented to health care providers, policy makers, and general audiences to help encourage the most beneficial aspects of family mealtimes in relation to other factors within the family environment. Project DINE was designed to address the environmental factors that influence the health and well-being of Illinois children with the express purpose of developing useful information and tips for parents, schools, physicians, and policymakers.

Downloadable Overview

Project DINE Overview PDF

Research Team

  • Blake Jones, PhD, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies (now at Purdue University)
  • Barbara Fiese, PhD, Director, Family Resiliency Center, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Kelly Bost, PhD, Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Amber Hammons; PhD; Assistant Professor; Child, Family, and Consumer Sciences (now at California State University, Fresno)
  • Karrie Karahalios, PhD, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Glenn Roisman, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Jonathan Chiao, Graduate Student, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Sarah Curtiss, Graduate Student, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Lauren Sieczko, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Karen Lee, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Kevin Thomas, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Michael Levi, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Claire Sereiko, Undergraduate Research Assistant


Supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Hatch Grant #793328.


Brenda Koester
Assistant Director, Family Resiliency Center 
Phone: 217-244-6486