Everything we do is designed to improve the quality of life of the people in the state of Illinois, across the nation, and around the world. We discover, develop, translate, and disseminate knowledge to address societal concerns and train the next generation of experts and leaders in a way that empowers them to expand the boundaries of science to higher levels of understanding and influence. Learn more via our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan page.

Where We Are Going

A mock street sign showing the words "life," "balance," "family," "career," "health," and "friends"

We Are PHamilIE!

Changing the 'Family' Narrative to Prioritize Public Health and Inclusion and Equity

  • Taking a holistic, participatory, and transdisciplinary approach, the Family Resiliency Center balances scientific rigor with contextual sensitivity in designing, conducting, and translating research into actionable and impactful practices and policies that are responsive to emergent local, regional, and national public health and social justice needs, priorities, and wicked problems to improve lives.
  • What is public health? Prevention that optimizes population health.

Wicked Problems Be Gone!

Leveraging Family, Youth, and Community Strengths in Research, Education, and Outreach

  • As a national leader, FRC intersects participatory, transdisciplinary, prevention, mixed-methods, evaluation, and holistic, evidence-based approaches to wrap around wicked public health and social justice problems, ultimately leveraging strengths toward mitigating harm, preventing suffering, and optimizing lives.

Co-Learning and Co-Researching:

Teaming as Change Agents - With. By. Both. And. 

  • Our co-created community of researchers, educators, providers, and learners transform biosocial vulnerabilities into resilience and thriving outcomes for families, children, youth, individuals, and communities.
  • Building capacity and growth mindsets. 

Discover Our Past

At the start of 2000, the vision of Illinois alumna Doris Kelley Christopher and the Family Resiliency Program was to advocate for families by fostering resiliency within them, with the goal of finding solutions to family problems. View the history of the Family Resiliency Center to see how this shared goal came about.