The Family Resiliency Center Over the Years


                                                                   Today's FRC

Jacinda Dariotis (center) and fellow colleagues at her investiture ceremony

With FRC Director Jacinda K. Dariotis leading the way, the Family Resiliency Center takes an inclusive and holistic approach to design, conduct, and disseminate research used to form policies, programs, and services that enhance people's lives.

With a fresh strategic plan in place, FRC uses the evolving FRAME Intersection to leverage our strengths as researchers and scholars to mitigate harm, prevent suffering, and optimize the lives of families and communities. Discover more.



Barbara Fiese, former director of the Family Resiliency Center, sitting at a table with students
Barbara Fiese, left, talking with students during her tenure as director at FRC
                                         2008 - 2020

Under the leadership of Director Barbara H. Fiese, FRC was able to secure multiple sources of funding that led to transdisciplinary research, education, and outreach projects and programs that addressed major issues in society

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Doris Kelley Christopher (in orange dress) and her family
Doris Kelley Christopher, third from left, with her family during the unveiling on campus of Christopher Hall
                                             2000 - 2008

The Family Resiliency Program was established in 2000 in partnership with The Pampered Chef, a company that provides cooking tools and recipes to assist people in the kitchen and enhance family mealtimes. The founder of Pampered Chef, Doris Kelley Christopher, is an Illinois alumna. 

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Brief History
of FRC

Helping Others Thrive Over Time

2006: FRC's Start

The Courtyard at Doris Kelley Christopher Hall

FRC forms and is housed in the newly built Doris Kelley Christopher Hall, along with The Autism Program's Resource Room.

Learn more about Doris Kelley Christopher Hall.

2008: Research
on the Rise

Barbara Fiese talks with a student at a table

Director Barbara H. Fiese secures multiple sources of funding, leading to cutting-edge transdisciplinary research and ambitious projects.

Discover the research happening at FRC.

2010: Generous Gift

A little boy having his height measured for a research project

FRC receives $800,000 from the Christopher Family Foundation to create the Food and Family Program. The STRONG Kids and Abriendo Caminos projects also begin.

Learn more about the Food and Family Program.

2011: I-TOPP

Illinois Transdisciplinary Obesity Prevention Program

The Illinois Trans-disciplinary Obesity Prevention Program (I-TOPP) begins, training students in multiple disciplines.

Learn more about I-TOPP.

2013: Meals in
the Real World

A mother and her family preparing for dinner around the dinner table

FRC's expanded Mealtime Minutes public-service announcements receive nearly 200 million impressions.

View the Mealtime Minutes videos.

2015 and 2019: Food and Family Conference

A woman standing near a table with people around her at the 2015 Food and Family Conference

FRC co-hosts the Food and Family Conference, bringing together in Chicago the nation's foremost experts in varied realms of health.

View photos from the 2015 Food and Family Conference.

2022: Intersecting Research Hubs to Address Wicked Problems

Jacinda Dariotis and Doris Kelley Christopher

Director Jacinda K. Dariotis leads FRC into a new era of transdisciplinary participatory research that is committed to addressing wicked problems and making thriving the norm.


View photos of the 2022 investiture ceremony for FRC Director Jacinda K. Dariotis.