We put our vision and mission into practice with and by our Collaboratory of academic, community, provider, and student partners – all of whom are committed to FRAME research solutions.


Make Thriving the NormTM


In partnership, we wrap around wicked public health and social justice problems, leveraging our strengths toward mitigating harm, preventing suffering, and optimizing the lives of families, children, youth, and communities.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan outlines the goals, strategies, and action plan to guide the next phase of growth at the Family Resiliency Center through 2027. Developed in collaboration with over 200 vested participants, the six-strategy plan is designed as a framework for accomplishing three overarching goals related to action plans and systems of resources and accountability. Five intersecting research hubs are outlined with the aim of our work increasingly situated at the nexus or overlap of all five hubs. The plan has built-in flexibility and offers room for growth to meet emerging needs.

View the Strategic Plan here.

Download a copy of the Strategic Plan:

Family Resiliency Center Strategic Plan (English)