Developing Resources to Translate Research Into Practice and Policy

The Family Resiliency Center offers a wealth of resources in the realms of research, education, and outreach. Through our research translation efforts, we share knowledge, findings, and practical, meaningful tips that individuals can decipher and apply to their lives. Discover our many resources below!

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Building Blocks of Resilience Briefs

Our Building Blocks or Resilience briefs offer resources for families that can be used to reinforce existing coping strategies and new ideas to face challenging circumstances.
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FRC Newsletters

The Family Resiliency Center newsletters capture the center's highlights every month and feature a message from our director, Jacinda Dariotis.
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The Family Resiliency Center Podcast topics cover a wide range of relevant and informative issues. From early aspects of children's health in areas such as chemical exposure and breastfeeding to helping military families thrive, FRC podcasts offer something valuable for everyone.
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Discover free curriculum and future affordable certificate programs at the Family Resiliency Center.
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Check in on the latest FRC news and sign up for our newsletter.
The cover or the 2010-2019 "Decade in Review" annual report from the Family Resiliency Center

Annual Reports

View our annual reports below to see how we are helping individuals thrive, even when they are facing massive life challenges.
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Mealtime Minutes Videos

The Mealtime Minutes videos are a series of public service announcements (PSAs) that provide real solutions to common family mealtime challenges.
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The Family Resiliency Center is a research center where food, family, and science come together. In that spirit, we like to share some of our favorite recipes!
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Other Resources with Collaborators

Discover past presentations and celebrations involving Doris Kelley Christopher Hall and the Family Resiliency Center in the College of ACES, as well as more resources from FRC.