Discover past presentations and celebrations involving Doris Kelley Christopher Hall and the Family Resiliency Center in the College of ACES.

First 1,000 Days Symposium

September 4-5, 2018, at the I Hotel and Conference Center


First 1,000 Days Symposium hosted by the Family Resiliency Center

The First 1,000 Days Symposium was hosted by the Family Resiliency Center, in partnership with the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute, and the ACES Office for Research.

The symposium focused on the first 1,000 days of life. The time spanning roughly between conception and a child’s second birthday is a unique period of opportunity in which the foundations of optimum health, growth, and neurodevelopment across the lifespan are established. Environmental exposures, including nutrition, stress, and environmental toxins, can interact with the genetics of children during the first 1,000 days of life and have lifelong implications on their physical, mental. and emotional health. The event highlighted the basic and applied transdisciplinary research being conducted at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign that is addressing this critical window of development, using a cells-to-society framework.

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Food and Family Program Brown Bag with Dr. Sharon Donovan - 2016

Multi-level Effects on Children's Self-regulation, Parental Responsive Feeding, and Family Relationships Around Mealtimes: What is the Potential Role of the Microbiome?

Sharon M. Donovan, Ph.D., RD, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition


Doris Kelley Christopher Hall 10th Anniversary Celebration - October 2016

The Family Resiliency Center celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Doris Kelley Christopher Hall on Thursday, October 6, 2016. Since its construction, Christopher Hall has been the focal point of research, education, and community outreach to help families thrive when facing common challenges. The unique facilities have attracted internationally recognized scholars, served as an inviting space for community members, and encouraged campus collaborations. View photos from the event.

Anniversary Program

Featuring College of ACES Dean Robert Hauser and Susan Koerner, head of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies; Doris Christopher, founder of the Pampered Chef; and Barbara Fiese, director of the Family Resiliency Center.

Food and Family Conference - September 2015

 On Thursday, September 17th, the Family Resiliency Center and the Christopher Family Foundation hosted the Food and Family Conference at the University Club of Chicago. Attendees included nutrition professionals, foodbank staff, industry representatives, early care advocates, extension educators, and academics. All were able to hear from some of the nation’s leading experts in human nutrition, obesity research, and child and family health. Attendees learned about new funding opportunities and the latest research on

  • the challenges and solutions to promoting healthy eating,
  • connecting food and families in positive ways,
  • and the challenges of feeding children in a variety of settings.

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Midwest Children's Health Symposium

Researchers from the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan presented the latest in research, translation, and community outreach on how environmental exposures affect children’s health and development. Jointly funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the mission of the Children’s Centers is to reduce health risks, protect children from environmental threats, and promote youth health and well-being in the communities where they live, learn, and play. The Illinois and Michigan Children’s Centers are the only two sites located in the Midwest. View presentations from the symposium.

Podcast: The Role of Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

Featuring Ann Masten, Ph.D.

This podcast, featured by the American Psychological Association (APA), addresses how the COVID-19 pandemic is putting new and unforeseen pressures on all of us. Whether it's trying to telework while the kids are streaming in another room or dealing with the loss of a job, this new normal is taxing our inner resources. Ann Masten, Ph.D., a professor in the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota, has spent more than 40 years studying human resilience.

Tips for Managing Children's Media Environment and Exposure to Advertising

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our communities, children are transitioning to distance learning and spending more time in front of screens. While technology allows us to connect with others, increased media use may expose children to more advertising through social media, apps, and other online spaces. Former FRC Affiliate Gail Ferguson, Ph.D., provides information for parents about media literacy and resources to help parents guide media use.

Partnership with Purdue University: Families Tackling Tough Times Together

Families Tackling Tough Times Together is a Facebook group that helps families strengthen their resilience while coping with a multitude of challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. Every week, new materials and activities that focus on a specific aspect of resilience will be released. Families with children, youth, young adults, and older adults will find materials tailored for them. All are welcome, especially military families. This program is led by Purdue University’s College of Health and Human Sciences, with contributions from partners at Purdue and nationwide such as the Family Resiliency Center.